Slinky Family Gathering by JAM On It Productions

Slinky 21: Slinky Family Gathering
June 3-5, 2022

(doors open at noon on Friday)
Tickets only at the door now. Cash only.

Music | Camping | Family



  • Wally Callerio (Dufflebag Recordings, Defected-LA)
  • Thee-O (Viva La Tech, re:love-Santa Barbara)
  • Alex Castillo (Slinky/JAM On It-SF)
  • CJ Larsen (Dufflebag/Moodyhouse-SF)
  • Mike Soultanian (Soul-Titanium-SF)
  • Drew Blyther (Wulfpack/Shadow Wulf-LA)
  • Mario Dubbz (SoulThang/LovelyDay)
  • G-Dubbs (Sacred Grounds-LA)
  • Darrell Tenaglia (Slinky/JAM On It-SF)
  • Dougal (F.A.M.I.L.Y., re:love, Sweet ‘N Low-LA)
  • Eddie B (HAWT, Jel-O, UNA – LA)
  • Bret Wallace (re:love-LA)
  • Justin OBrien (Slinky/JAM On It-SF)
  • Joseph Munguia (Niteshift, Space Taco-LA)
  • Chuck Fry (Music and Underground Friends-Indiana)
  • Dennis the Menace (Strut Crew, Strigo Coffee-CT)
  • Canady (Tribal Underworld, F.A.M.I.L.Y, Left Coast Housewerks-LA)
  • Mack Lino (Slinky/JAM On It-SF)

Provide proof that you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
(you must receive your final vaccine dose 14 days prior to your entry date)

Please be prepared to show your digital or paper cdc cards to prove you are vaccinated. 
Non California residents must show valid CDC cards that we will be verifying against CDC validation guidelines.
Children under 5 and others can come with a negative test within 48 hours. 

How to obtain a QR Code:
People who were vaccinated in California can get a free digital COVID-19 Vaccination Record at
This can then be saved as a screenshot, added to the phone Health app, printed out, and added to the Wallet app.
We strongly recommend that you wear a mask when social distancing isn't possible. For any indoor locations at the Gathering that are not your own living space, masks are suggested.

We also encourage(but not require) everyone to take a Covid-19 test prior to attending to ensure you are not bringing any virus to the gathering.
Thanks for continuing to do your part and stay safe!

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Slinky will return to the same Sequoia Forest location we have called home since 2012.
Private forest camping resort located in Sequoia National Forest, 50 miles East of Fresno. DIRECTIONS WILL BE MAILED OUT AND POSTED ON OUR PRIVATE GROUP PAGE THE WEEK OF THE EVENT. JOIN OUR MAILING LIST TO GET THEM. Post on here or private message a host. Also we will be adding all ticket purchaser emails to our list prior to sending directions.

On PRIVATE, exclusive Slinky only property.

80s High/60s Low

Sign up here to offer a ride or ask for a ride.

Tents are suggested for camping. We will allow you to drop off your gear near camping areas and park in the central parking lot. It’s all very close and cozy, no long walks.

No RVs or tow Campers allowed due to space limitations.
Sunday camping will be available for those that want/need it. You can pay for that separately on Sunday directly to the property owner. You can find one of the Slinky staff at the event for help in coordinating this on Sunday also. We are not involved in booking Sunday camping and make no money from this fee.
People that are not camping Sunday night, are encouraged to start packing up to leave around 6pm Sunday night. DO NOT RUSH HOME, please rest, drive home safe and rested. There is no need to be unsafe and drive tired.NO FIRES:
No firepits are allowed. The area is very sensitive to fire. We will be looking at the weather leading up to the event and will make plans to provide some heat if we can afford it. Dress warm to make up for this.

No smoking will be allowed inside of the dance floor area. There will be signs reminding you of this. We will also have cigarette receptacles throughout the gathering for you in designated “Smoking areas” to place your butts. Respect the land and keep it clean so that we can continue to use it. Remember that cigarettes can start a fire.

Practicing a Leave No Trace Ethic is very simple: leave the place you visit the same or better than you found it; leave no trace of your having been there, so that others – both human and animal – can enjoy the land the rest of the year. Over the years we have all done a great job of cleaning up any trash that accidentally hits the ground. Do your part by picking it up if you see it. Don’t let trash hit the ground if you can help it. Take the extra step to get it in a bag or take it back to your camp. We will also provide you with trash bags should you need them. Everyone can do their part and take responsibility for their own waste. Leave no trace. We will provide trash bags for you to use if you need them. NO TRASH SHOULD BE LEFT ONSITE. IT GOES HOME WITH YOU!!!! The venue owner will not take camper trash away for us, it is your responsibility. That is not part of the program. Take your trash with you.

We appreciate all forms of music and expression but we have curated a weekend of music with specific sounds in mind. If you have drums, harmonicas, congas, bongos or anything that makes music we are requesting that they not be played in on or around our dance floor without prior authorization and coordination with us. We will ask you to stop if you are seen playing instruments that would interfere with our DJ’s and guest’s enjoyment of the music already being played. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave our gathering for violating this policy. No refunds will be given if you are asked to leave.

About Slinky Family Gathering

Slinky Family Gathering is a private outdoor forest gathering that takes place in Central California. We come together on private land and gather to enjoy music, art, dancing and the fellowship of our like minded friends and guests. Throughout the weekend we have a number of DJs who select mostly house music and some drum and bass for our guests to dance to and enjoy. All guests will be camping in the forest among the trees and peaceful nature that the Sequoia National Forest has to offer.

About JAM On It Productions

JAM On It is kept together by the support of the people that continuously attend our gatherings and events (you!). We are a small group of friends and family from Southern and Northern California that come together to enjoy music, dancing, art, nature, fellowship, and to experience life in a positive way.We’ve been doing this since the Summer of 2000 and will continue to do it as long as we can. You can find us in the forest, the desert, a warehouse, or a city club. Regardless of the venue, you will find us on the dance floor surrounded by friends and smiling faces. 

Slinky (Slinky Family Gathering) is a labor of love; a project put on by individuals with an intense appreciation for music, dance, and community. When we gather, we come together as one. Originating from all different areas of the world and all different walks of life, music is the glue that binds us together. Music is a language ubiquitously understood by all. The beats, the rhythm, the vocals, and the feelings that music evokes are universal. We gather to express our happiness and enjoyment of life and each other through music and dance. 

Over the years we have met many wonderful people, many of which have become integral parts of our daily lives on and off the dance floor. We have grown with each other over the years and together we have experienced marriage, divorce, careers, the birth of children, and the death of loved ones. Through all of this, one thing has remained consistent with us, Slinky. As we get older and take on more responsibility in life, our opportunities to get out and lose ourselves for a night under the stars are fewer and far between. It is an honor and a privilege for us to be able to provide Slinky as an annual reunion of family, friends, and acquaintances where we can come together and enjoy the things so instrumental in the development of our lives. These are the things that made us who we are today. 

To us, Slinky is an extension of our lives. As our lives change and progress, so will Slinky. This is what makes Slinky such an amazing experience. We strive every year to bring you something new, fresh, and unique while at the same time remaining true to our core tenets and maintaining the same energy and vibe you have all come to know and love. We look forward to continuing to grow with you and be part of your lives, as you are a part of ours. It is truly a blessing to watch our loved ones produce beautiful children and watching those children grow up in a loving community of positively focused individuals. We think of Slinky as Family, Community and most of all Love. 

As we progress and grow together we want to encourage all attendees of our gathering and events to become creatively involved. Become participants. We want you to feel a piece of ownership in making the gathering enjoyable for those you encounter and those that encounter you. What this means is that we want you to bring out your art, theme camp set up, costumes, or safe technology that will enhance the gathering experience for everyone.